Klein Consultants’assessment and selection programs

Klein Consultants’ assessment and selection programs help hundreds of organizations improve the quality of their hiring decisions. We measure your candidate’s intellectual and temperamental readiness to perform the job for which he/she is being considered. Our approach permits you to gauge a prospective employee’s future performance, to gain critical insight into his/her behavior before you hire.

Our testing programs tell you how people see themselves and organize their experience. They describe a person’s internal agenda. A top-flight salesperson, for example, generally has a high competitive drive, the ability to work independently and a deep need to persuade. Traits like these are very difficult to detect in an interview or on a resume, but without them a salesperson simply won’t succeed. Knowing whether an applicant has these traits and precisely to what degree is essential in building a competitive sales force.

We tell you exactly what you need to know. Simply put, our pre-selection assessment tests provide a fair, accurate, and cost-effective way to hire. Because they acknowledge people’s complexity, tests offer a complete and realistic picture of each job applicant. By comparing the results of each test to established and verified norms, our tests predict with specificity and accuracy the likelihood of job success. Measurements that forecast the future.